The Healing Arts at Park Place

Change. Healing. One cannot have one without moving through the other. Change…a word that has both scary and exciting connotations; and, as it is the essence of life, change is unavoidable. How we handle this change is up to us. When we are in pain, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually, our whole system suffers. We may try to overlook the symptoms or we may face them head on, either way our symptoms have a much broader message than just pain. They are the language of the Soul telling us to pay attention to a problem that needs our attention. And Healing, whether emotionally, physically, or spiritually is a process of Change.

As human beings we are all equipped with the tools to heal – Mind, Body and Spirit. But Healing is much more than just saying the proper words. The process of healing is a cooperative effort between the Mind, Body and Spirit. It is this connection that represents a perfect healing system; a system that is capable of effecting Healing through Change, whether in minor circumstances or in the most adverse and traumatic of circumstances.

The Healing Arts at Park Place is a gathering of mainstream and complimentary therapists all committed to assisting and guiding the personal healing process. Each Practitioner is focused on some aspect of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. Within this safe environment, you will be free to explore every aspect of this connection in order to move beyond the experiences of the past, learn new skills and practices that will enhance your life and your relationships now, and will affect the Healing that will allow you to move forward as you journey towards complete Wellness.

You’ve taken the first step towards Healing. Call us today, and we will help you take the next step.

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